“Words can’t express how blessed our family was to have arms and doors opened at the Mary Galloway Home. Your ministry and Board members’ contributions to make the facility what it is today is incredible. This ministry to ladies and their families came from the center of God’s heart. May God continue to pour His blessings on Mary Galloway and give success to everyone involved.”


“I never did think that I could be this contented here. The children really appreciate you and surely do appreciate all that you have done for me.”


“I appreciate your year-round support and caring. You are very special ladies…lovely and lots of fun. None of us ever visualized ourselves as antiquated and falling apart but here we are! We are blessed to have such a terrific support group. May God continue to bless each of you and the work that you do as a group.”


“Thank you for the privilege of living here. My children are very impressed!”


“I want to thank you so very much for the way you let me know you care about me. You have showered so much kindness and concern on me. I’ve never known a place like this and am grateful I have been able to experience this. You are thought of with fondness.”


“Once again, the anniversary of Mother moving to Mary Galloway arrives. This date cannot pass without me thanking the ladies of the Board for all you did for Mother. I am forever grateful.”


“My grandmother is currently a resident of the Mary Galloway Home. We chose this facility because they offer assisted living options specifically for women. We felt my grandmother needed more social interactions, even though she was still largely able to care for herself independentally. The Mary Galloway Home offers the perfect combination of care and activities. Since entering the facility a year ago, she absolutely loves it and has made new friends with both the staff and other women. They have special parties, outings, games and movie nights. The property also has a beauty salon and an ice cream shop. On her birthday this past May, the residents and staff even held a birthday luncheon for her and some of the other women celebrating birthdays. We love that the assistants take great care to make sure my grandmother is taking her medications correctly and eating a healthy diet, yet still allow her to live on her own terms. I love that my grandmother is happy and loving life more than ever before.”


To The Board Of Mary Galloway,

There are no sufficient words to adequately express my gratitude and thanks to all of you.
In these busy and hectic days we are living in it is not often that you find people who are
willing to give of their time, effort and money to help others, especially those they do not
know. I am grateful for the large organizations who are willing to raise the finances to
fight cancer, childhood diseases and other such noteworthy causes. But I cannot begin to
tell you how grateful I am for people like you who have looked beyond what others are
doing and looked for the less conspicuous and less broadcasted needs of others.

When I first started researching the assisted living communities for my mother, I knew
immediately it would be extremely difficult, if not totally impossible for me to provide
the finances that would be needed for such an undertaking. I wanted so desperately to be
able to provide her with a lifestyle that would allow her to remain active and fulfilled
throughout her remaining years. I had just about given up hope that this would ever be a
possibility when someone shared with me about the Mary Galloway Home. You made it
possible for my mother to truly experience a full and active life up to the very last hour.
You were her answer to prayer, she had always said that she did not want to be an invalid
or to be totally dependent on someone else, she wanted to “live her life and then just go
home” and that is exactly what she did.

I will be forever grateful to all of you not only for your financial support, but for your caring,
concern and giving of yourselves to others – especially to my mom. I truly believe
that when we stand before God He will not be as impressed with the big things we have
done according to man’s greatness. I believe that what will stand out to Him is the giving
from our heart in areas where few others are ever aware of what we have done. The
apostle Paul tells us in scripture that we are to “remember the widows and the orphans”
Your ministry at Mary Galloway has faithfully followed this mandate, it is much like a
hidden treasure, a treasure that is close to God’s heart. I feel very blessed and thankful
that God allowed us to be the recipient of this special ministry organization.

May God richly bless you and continue to cause you to walk in His divine favor. You
will remain continually in my prayers that God will-provide “exceedingly, abundantly
and above all you could ask or think.”

From My Heart,

A Daughter of a 90-Year-Young Resident
Mary Galloway Home March 2008 – June 13, 2009