May I bring a pet?

No. Trezevant Terrace has a resident therapy dog that may visit with you.

Will I be able to come and go as I please?

Yes, after signing out and back in at Trezevant Terrace front desk.

Are there preventative care and wellness services?

Yes, through the Trezevant Community.

May I bring a car with me?


Is a wheelchair allowed?


May I leave for extended family visits or vacation?

Yes. You must inform Trezevant staff of the duration of your leave so that they can provide you with your medications.

May I have guests?

You may have guests at any time. They are required to sign in at the Trezevant desk but are not allowed to stay over night.

Is there a washer/dryer available?

There are laundry facilities on our floor for Mary Galloway residents to use.

Do I sign a lease?

A contract is signed to pay monthly for as long as you reside with The Mary Galloway Home.  30 day notice to vacate is required.

How often will my monthly rent be adjusted?

There is a yearly review of your finances.

What is the connection between The Mary Galloway Home and Trezevant Terrace?

The Mary Galloway Home rents 20 studio apartments from Trezevant Terrace. We are your financial sponsor during your stay at Trezevant Terrace.