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May I bring a pet?

Will I be able to come and go as I please?
 Yes, after signing out and back in at Trezevant Terrace front desk

Are there preventative care and wellness services?
 Yes, through the Trezevant Community

May I bring a car with me?

Is a wheelchair allowed?

May I cook/bake for myself/others?
 Yes, with assistance and MGH policy rules.

May I have guests?

May guests come to dine with me?
 Yes, with 24 hour advanced notice.

Is there a washer/dryer available?
 Yes, there are laundry facilities on our floor for MGH residents to use.

Do I sign a lease?
 No, a contract is signed to pay monthly for as long as you reside with us.

How often will the monthly rent be adjusted?
 There is a yearly review of finances.

Can guests stay with me?
 Yes, a guest room can be rented for a fee through Trezevant Terrace.
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