The Board of Directors
Established 1896
The Mary Galloway Board of Directors is comprised of nineteen volunteer members who devote their time and talents to providing a pleasant and secure home for the ladies of Mary Galloway. Coming from widely diverse backgrounds in business, the medical field and the arts, the Board manages the finances of the Home and employs a resident liaison director to oversee the needs of the residents.
Left to Right: Marge Ryan, Toni Parker, Cyndi Coury, Carolyn Johnston, Cheryl Stegbauer, Beverly Williams, Debbie Desrochers, Sue McMahon, Jane Wills, Pam Stokes, Gloria Hodges, Eva Mae Hussey, Pattie Bland

Not Pictured: Carol Howard, Brenda Antwine, Bede Burr, Arie Cooper, Rita West, Susan Hurley
Scrapbook 1896-1961
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Board of Directors
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Beverly Williams, President
Carol Howard, Vice President and Corresponding Secretary
Sue McMahon, Recording Secretary
Debbie Desrochers, Financial Officer


Brenda Antwine
Pattie Bland
Bede Burr
Arie Cooper
Cyndi Coury

Gloria Hodges
Susan Hurley
Eva Mae Hussey
Carolyn Johnston
Sue McMahon
Toni Parker
Marge Ryan
Cheryl Stegbauer
Pam Stokes
Rita West
Jane Wills

Beth Williford Carson, Resident Liaison
The Mary Galloway Home