The Residence
The Mary Galloway home is located on the second floor of the Trezevant Terrace Assisted Living community that is part of the greater Trezevant campus. The area is an attractive tree-lined and secure residence near restaurants, parks, theaters and shopping.
Trezevant Terrace is responsible for the management and healthcare of the residents.
Both security and healthcare are available twenty-four hours a day.
Ladies enjoy common areas for socializing, dining and entertaining as well as being entertained.
Mary Galloway home engages a resident liaison to coordinate between the ladies, their families, Trezevant Terrace and the Mary Galloway Home Board.

Currently the Home has the capacity for twenty residents.
Established 1896
Scrapbook 1896-1961
The Residence
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The Mary Galloway Home
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The Mary Galloway Home is a well-appointed residence that includes:
Residents feel at home in their private comfortable apartments which each furnishes to her taste. Each apartment includes: