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The Mary Galloway Home is a non-profit organization, which for more than 100 years has provided a retirement home where ladies may enjoy a pleasant environment and live with the dignity each deserves.

The Home is supported entirely by gifts and bequests from individual and corporate donors, plus rental fees from our residents.

Opening in 1896, the Home was chartered under the State of Tennessee in 1897. This retirement residence for women became known as The Mary Galloway Home in 1902.
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Established 1896
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The Mary Galloway Home
The Mary Galloway Home
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Established 1896
Our continuing goal is to provide "protection, comfort and support in a harmonious and dignified setting for retirement-aged women with financial needs" - the purpose stated over one hundred years ago.
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The Mary Galloway Home is a chartered non-profit charitable organization. Thoughout the years, we have been blessed with contributions from individuals, corporations, estates and family trusts, as well as from friends and family members of our residents. The kindness and generosity of these people has allowed us to continue our legacy of financial assistance to retired older women and to permit them to live in a peaceful secure and pleasant environment.
As you consider your year-end giving, we would welcome your support in the form of memorials, honoraria, bequests and year-end charitable giving.